DTE technology issues leave 2,500 Waterford residents without power during heat wave

thermometer showing hot temperatures under a bright sun

“Crews had been working to upgrade a primary cable when the back-up, called a secondary cable, failed. Technical issues with a portable substation generator caused further delays, [a DTE spokesman] said.

Resident Gary Schlachter, who lives near the lake, said he’s frustrated because he arrived home from surgery and was unable to use a physical therapy machine. The refrigerated food in the house has gone to waste, too, he said on Friday.

“This is ridiculous, especially after what they did last winter,” he said, calling it a “horrible utility performance.”

Pontiac Councilman Mikal Goodman called it “extremely dangerous to have any group of people in the heat without any true respite, especially those with medical conditions.”

Goodman called for better communication from DTE Energy and better compensation for their losses. Customers can apply for greater compensation based on damages on the DTE Energy website.”

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