DTE can do better.
We deserve clean, affordable, reliable energy

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When we fight, we win.

But the fight’s not over yet!

On July 26, the Michigan Public Service Commission approved the DTE IRP settlement agreement. This means DTE Energy will have to make more significant investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and assistance to low-income ratepayers under a settlement agreement negotiated by a number of organizations in our coalition.

This is the result of activists, organizers, and advocacy organizations across the state that fought tirelessly to pressure the utility to prioritize environmental justice and energy equity in its long-term energy plan while retiring dirty fossil fuel plants and ending further investment in fossil fuels.

Thousands of you took action, submitting comments to the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and attending public hearings. You are the reason DTE came to the table to negotiate a settlement that improved the company’s original long-term energy plan.

Settlement Highlights

  • Secures an earlier retirement date – 2032 instead of 2040 – for DTE’s Monroe coal plant, the third dirtiest in the country
  • Requires DTE to pay $38 million into community-led programs to assist low-income customers
    • $30 million allocated to energy assistance
    • $8 million to support organizations that will provide solar and battery installation, including funding for home repairs and energy efficiency needed to complete these upgrades
  • Requires DTE to direct an additional $70 million in energy efficiency funding towards programs for income-qualified customers
  • Requires the utility to file public disclosure reports detailing any charitable and political contributions to individuals and entities adding up to $5,000 or more
  • Increases the cap on distributed solar to 6%, allowing more residential customers to install rooftop solar

We’re proud of what we achieved together, but our work is not done. We need the legislature to take action to ensure clean, affordable, reliable energy for all Michiganders. Our solidarity is our strength – let’s keep working together for environmental justice and energy equity.

Michigan families pay the highest electricity rates in the Midwest

In the last five years, DTE Energy has increased our rates four times, totaling $775 million in increases — with zero improvement in service.

While Michigan families struggle to pay out-of-control utility bills, DTE has spent millions on payouts to politicians and lobbyists working against climate policy.

Now DTE’s long-term plan to provide electricity for our state prioritizes returns for shareholders instead of reliability for customers. It’s time for DTE to put people over profits.

How DTE spends your money affects your health and community

Studies show that reducing coal-burning emissions reduces asthma attacks. Yet with nearly 860,000 Michigan adults suffering from asthma, DTE wants to keep their Monroe coal plant, the third dirtiest in the country, in operation until 2035.

And despite multiple recent power outages showing the importance of swift action to slow the increasingly intense storms and heat waves caused by climate change, DTE’s long-term plan would lock us into using fossil fuel gas power for decades and keep blocking community and rooftop solar while penalizing clean energy users.

We can’t let DTE spend our money to harm our health and communities.

Clean energy makes energy more affordable

Clean, renewable energy — like wind, solar, and energy efficiency — is more affordable than coal and fossil fuel gas.

Other major utility companies are investing in clean energy sources and energy efficiency to save customers money and protect our air, land, and water while DTE spends money on fossil fuels and burdens ratepayers with never-ending rate increases.

We pay the electricity bills and we deserve a say in how DTE spends our money. Tell the Michigan Public Service Commission it’s time to DTE’s unaffordable rates, failing infrastructure, and dirty energy in the past!

Take action today.

Write to the Michigan Public Service Commission and tell them it’s time to leave DTE’s unaffordable rates, failing infrastructure, and dirty energy in the past.

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