DTE can do better.
Tell them to invest in clean, affordable energy

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Michigan families pay the highest electricity rates in the Midwest. DTE Energy has jacked up our rates four times in the last five years, totaling $775 million in increases with zero improvement in service. Out of control electricity bills are burdening families across the state.

It’s time for DTE Energy to invest in an affordable, clean energy future.

DTE Energy is seeking approval of a 15-year, long-range energy plan that will saddle our state for another generation with big, expensive fossil fuel plants. DTE also is seeking to raise rates in 2020…AGAIN!

But we can stop them. Tell the Michigan Public Service Commission to hold DTE accountable – making our energy affordable and reducing our rates by investing in cheaper, clean energy now!

Clean, renewable energy — like wind, solar and energy efficiency — is more affordable than coal and natural gas.

While other major utility companies are seriously investing in clean energy sources and energy efficiency to save customers money and protect our air, land and water, DTE continues to cripple ratepayers with never ending rate increases.

Three officials at the Michigan Public Service Commission have control over what DTE does. Their decision will shape how we get our energy for decades.

The Michigan Public Service Commission works for us: ratepayers. YOUR voice can make a difference.

We need your help TODAY.

Write to the Michigan Public Service Commission and tell them: Reject DTE’s plan and make DTE invest in clean, affordable energy.

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