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An Update on DTE’s Long-Term Plan

On July 26, the Michigan Public Service Commission approved the DTE IRP settlement agreement. This means DTE Energy will have to make more significant investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and assistance to low-income ratepayers under a settlement agreement negotiated by a number of organizations in our coalition.

This is the result of activists, organizers, and advocacy organizations across the state that fought tirelessly to pressure the utility to prioritize environmental justice and energy equity in its long-term energy plan while retiring dirty fossil fuel plants and ending further investment in fossil fuels.

We’re proud of what we achieved together, but our work is not done. We need the legislature to take action to ensure clean, affordable, reliable energy for all Michiganders. Our solidarity is our strength – let’s keep working together for environmental justice and energy equity.

Get the facts: What’s really in DTE’s long-term power plan? Join our Zoom lunch & learn on Tuesday, July 25 @ 12pm ET. Register at presented by

Get the facts: What’s really in DTE’s long-term power plan? (Webinar recording)

On Tuesday, July 25, we hosted a community briefing webinar to share the facts about the DTE IRP settlement agreement. Experts Shannon Fisk of Earthjustice; Jackson Koeppel, expert witness for Soulardarity and We Want Green Too; and Andrew Sarpolis of the Sierra Club shared what the settlement agreement means for you and your community and the changes that advocates fought for to protect Michigan’s people, air, and water. There was also a preview of what’s next in the fight to hold utilities accountable in our state.

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A report card for DTE Energy’s long-term plan shows nearly all failing grades, along with an A+ for lobbying against the public interest. On the right is a call to action with a link to the full report card: Tell Michigan energy regulators DTE’s plan doesn’t make the grade. Learn more at

DTE Energy Receives Poor Grades from Advocates on Long-Term Plan

DTE has been in the news a lot recently. One thing you might not have read about is the company’s integrated resource plan (IRP), a long-term plan to provide electricity for our state – even though this plan will impact how much we pay for power each month and how they’ll spend the money we pay.

Right now, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) is reviewing the plan, public comments, and expert testimony before making a decision in August. That means the clock is ticking for the commission to hear from the most important stakeholders: DTE ratepayers like you.

You deserve to be informed about how the plan will impact you and your community. That’s why together with our partners, we went through the plan line-by-line and graded it in nine categories, looking at clean energy benefits, affordability, and equity. Check out the full report card and then take action to make your voice heard by the commission.

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Regardless of what the MPSC’s decides, DTE’s long-term plan will have real, major impacts on Michigan’s climate efforts, public health, and economy. We deserve a plan that prioritizes environmental justice, moves us away from fossil fuels, and invests in clean, affordable, renewable energy. Tell the MPSC that DTE can do better.